My name is Stephan Canthal.

I'm a


Stephan Canthal is a Los Angeles based artist, who’s been showing in galleries across the country since 2004, and has sold over $300,000 worth of artwork to fans and collectors in that time. He not only makes artworks, but branches out into photography, videography, and graphic design.

Services Offered

Graphic Design

Branding, logo, postcards, mailers, flyers, banners, letterhead, envelopes, websites…I can help you from design to printing.

Art Commission

Weather if it’s for the home or office, I have you covered. I can come do a free estimate. Big or small budgets are welcome.

Photography & Video

Family to corporate events, photography and video. Advertising on social media or just for fun, I can create interesting video content for you.

Get In touch

(310) 686-4800

Location Hawthorne, CA