Stephan Canthal

artist Statement

Technology is a key component in my work. I began experimenting with the photographic medium while pursuing a Fine Arts degree at California State University of Long Beach. My interest in advancing this medium and its process has led me to printing on multiple surfaces including aluminum, wood, film, and specialty papers.

As I explored the idea of printing images on different surfaces, I started to use it to not only accent the image but to also create a communication between substrate and imagery.


Stephan Canthal became involved in the art of photography while studying architecture at the University of Southern California. He later transferred to California State University, Long Beach to pursue a Fine Arts degree in photography. His signature iconographic images of industrial Los Angeles are suggestive of his architectural background and trained eye for structure, space, and substrate.

With his fresh, imaginative approach to photography, Canthal began to experiment with unconventional photographic mediums. He wanted to merge traditional photography and modern art, breaking old rules through original composition and cutting-edge presentation. His innovative choice of metal as a photographic medium is unique and produces a sleek, nearly three-dimensional image that has generated widespread praise.

As time progressed Mr. Canthal branched out his talents to encompass Graphic Design, as well as Video Art. He truly has developed his skills and love in these two aspects of his work. He continues to push boundaries but in this new digital world.

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